Fast and Convenient Laser Treatments

Having a perfectly smooth, clear and blemish-free skin is now possible. Improve the look and feel of your skin with the professional laser services available at Capristo Salon and Wellness Spa. Our experts can utilize laser technology to treat a wide range of skin issues, leaving you with clean, clear skin that you'll truly love.

Permanent hair removal

Do you have unwanted body hair? Lasers offer a non-invasive approach to hair removal, with long-term effects! If you are looking for permanent hair removal options that deliver results without damaging your skin, lasers can be worth considering.

Pigmented lesion removal

Sunspots, age spots, and pigmented lesions are caused when your body releases melanin. Melanin is an important part of the body's defense against harmful sun exposure, but it can often leave marks on your face, neck, shoulders, and other areas of the body that are commonly exposed to sunlight.

Skin contouring

Rejuvenate your face with the help of Capristo Salon and Wellness Spa. We utilize the Synernon eTwo skin contouring system, which combines the unique Sublime and Sublative technologies for incredible results on all types of skin.

Vascular lesions

Do you have red, blue or purple veins visible on your face, shoulders or legs? Sun exposure, oral contraception, hormone therapy, age and genetics can all contribute to this effect, but with our help you can be confident that your skin looks as perfect as possible.

Your skin deserves only the best treatment and Capristo Wellness and Spa brings it to you! Schedule your next service with us today.

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